ubuntugirl (ubuntugirl) wrote,

recent ubuntu encounters. . .

Past month or so has been ripe with various ubuntu encounters. The first in Cancun while making reservations for the Mayan Adventure zip lining, rapelling jungle tour thing. The guy say my Ubuntu backpack and started telling me how his brother uses Ubuntu. schweet.

Then last week one of the contractors I had out to give me some estimates on hurricane damage repairs (yes, it's still going on!) started asking what I did and when I told him I worked for an Open Source company he said, "yeah, like Ubuntu - I use that on my computers!" He got the job.

Then a few days ago at lunch a guy came up to us and commented on my Ubuntu shirt. Turns out he's a big open source fan and the perfect target for what we are trying to do get out the message that "UBUNTU SERVER IS ENTERPRISE READY!" Yeah, he loved Ubuntu on the desktop but at work he used "other" OSes to run his servers. Since we were right in the middle of our new server course pilot, we had to figure out what we could tell him to change his mind.

So, if you have it, show off your Ubuntu gear and get folks talking! or go to the Shop and buy you some new swag. . .or come help out the community and you just might be rewarded with some Ubuntu goodies along the way.

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